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Generosity NZ - Grants & Funding

Generosity NZ - Grants & Funding

A range of funds are available to assist communities with projects and events that will help Central Otago to maintain and grow its vibrancy as a place to live and visit. From preserving and recognising heritage features and stories from our communities to supporting environmental initiatives, community development, arts, events and community promotion, these contestable funds provide valuable support to groups and organisations working hard for their communities.

This section provides a link to some of the main funding agencies used by Central Otago communities. There are a huge range of funding agencies available throughout the country however - if you would like to investigate these further go to the Fundview website - this has information on about more than 1,200 funding schemes for communities and organisations. You need to register for this website, but you can access this website for free via your local library computer or library website.

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