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Vineyard Christian Fellowship

Vineyard Christian Fellowship

Vineyard Christian Fellowship

On The Rock is an orthodox and evangelical church moving in Pentecostal Power. Janet and Chris Barraclough founded On The Rock in 1996 after hearing God's call to minister to the visitors and residents of Queenstown. Meetings are informal and cafe-style including Communion, Worship & Preaching, so that churchgoers and unchurched alike can feel comfortable coming to experience intimacy and presence of God.

The center is located in Queenstown at 7 Viscount Lane. We desire to provide relevant ministry to the world through Queenstown's travelling population.

Contact Details

Pastor Janet & Chris Barraclough
Box 983 Queenstown 9348

Phone: 021 240 1114 or 021 441 561 http://www.ontherock.org