Community Care Trust


Community Care Trust

Community Care Trust has supported people in Otago and Southland for many years and we are excited to be establishing ourselves in the Central Otago Lakes region. Community Care Trust support people with an intellectual disability and/or Autism. Currently our core service focuses on people needing support in the sixteen years onward age group, with the belief that overall health and wellbeing is often better when people are being supported to do what they really want to do in life.

We focus on each individual, working in partnership with them to identify their interests, their hopes and dreams for the future and how we can best support them to achieve these. Some of the people we support are students at High School seeking a transition plan for life after school. We also support adults to live a life more included in the community, and contributing to society like anyone else. Support can be given to develop skills to live an independent life – some of these skills may include but are not limited to - meal planning, budgeting, joining community groups of interest, we also support people who wish to move out of the family home as well as assistance to find volunteering positions, and paid employment.

We welcome enquiries and are more than happy to talk to people about the services that we provide that may be of assistance to them.


  • Email:
  • Phone:
    03 445 1690 or 0800 800 001
  • Address:
    Cromwell Resource Centre, 5 Murray Terrace
    Cromwell 9310


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