Guardians of Lake Wanaka


Guardians of Lake Wanaka

The Guardians of Lake Wanaka provide a direct link between the public and the Minister of Conservation over Lake Wanaka related issues.

Establishment and purpose

The Government enacted The Lake Wanaka Preservation Act in 1973 in recognition of public concern about the potential of hydro-electric development to alter the natural level and outflow of Lake Wanaka. The Act makes provision for the protection of the natural state of the lake, and for the appointment of the Guardians of Lake Wanaka to advise the Minister of Conservation over:

Preventing the lake from being impounded, controlled or obstructed;

Preventing the natural rate of flow from the lake from being varied or controlled;

Preserving the lake level and shoreline in their natural states;

Maintaining and improving (where possible) the quality of water in the lake.

Functions and administration

The Guardians of Lake Wanaka have a direct responsibility to advise the Minister over issues affecting the purposes of the Act, or the recreational use of the lake and to liaise with the Otago Regional Council over matters which may affect the lake. Conversely, the Regional Council is also required to consult the Guardians when considering resource consent applications which may affect the lake.

The Guardians (usually numbering 6) are appointed by the Minister, who also appoints the Chairperson. One member is nominated by Te Rununga o Ngai Tahu to represent their interests. Meetings are generally held quarterly or as necessary.


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