Wanaka Bridge Club


Wanaka Bridge Club

The Wanaka Bridge Club was formed in 1977, and is affiliated to NZ Bridge. The Club is well-known for its friendly atmosphere, and has a steady membership of about 190. It uses the NZ Bridge Scorer programme, and all sessions’s hands are randomly machine dealt. Regular sessions are played four times a week, with a number of tournaments held during the year. A Tuesday Session is in place from February 13th and starts at 11.00am (bring your own lunch). The format is similar to Friday Afternoon Bridge Beginner's Classes are scheduled to start February 13th 7-9pm: contact Deirdre Lynch 443 7877.

The Club plays in its Club Rooms located in 9 Cliff Wilson Drive, just opposite Mitre 10 and next door to Carpet Court. Cliff Wilson Drive runs off Plantation Road.



otagosouthlandbridge.org.nz/ wanaka/

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